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There are many variables which affect the online success of any business. And there are many variables that exist to meet them. The key point is that no two are identical. Where one eCommerce website may, for example, benefit from a more intelligent eCRM system, another may just need a social strategy relevant to their offering and audience. Google P.E.O campaigns work for some but others require a whole new website or just a responsive refresh.

Either way, we pride ourselves in only implementing solutions which our clients understand the efficacy and reasoning of. We do this by first assessing the brand’s digital estate.

Through an independent analysis of the connected online offering and issues a business faces, which is garnered completely from it’s micro & macro usage data, smart solutions are found to complex problems.

We study the issues, data, and evidence first so we’re able to only recommend and advise solutions which work to solve those issues.

It means if you have an online business issue you don’t know how to solve; tell us. We’re uniquely positioned to offer the smartest solutions tailored to your business needs & brand specific data.

If you do know what it is you need and want to get started, GREAT! Get in touch…

Online, Social, Google, Growth Hacking: It Can All Feel A Bit Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.


Web, Software and App Development

Our industry leading team of developers has knowledge of hundreds of programming languages and platforms. With their skills, we’re able to build industry-leading websites, apps and games utilising the best technology in the most efficient manner. This saves you the client, money and time.

You may have heard of platforms like Magento, WordPress, Umbraco or Drupal. And you may be frantically googling and wondering which is best for you and why. Or perhaps you are confused about the differences between Native and Web Applications. You might also be wondering why any other business or suppliers would not use the ‘best’.

We’re here to help.

The truth is the varying online platforms across all verticals are designed and optimised to cater for many different business needs.  We will assess your requirements, business objectives, goals and budgets and then advise and implement the right approach; for you.

D.B.A & Data Augmentation | Data Analysis

If you are wondering how we know what will work for each business, the answer is data. Macro and Micro data. Where the fantastic meets the finite.

The current phase in the evolution of the online space or ‘Web 3.0’ was signaled by the dawn and subsequent dissemination of big data alongside the detailed, more anecdotal extrapolation of smaller, more personal data. Brands, businesses, conglomerates and SME’s used this to better understand how to cater for their audience. It enabled them to increase spend, brand advocacy and loyalty going forward.

With our accredited DBA’s (Database Analysts) eCommerce Social Strategists, we’re uniquely positioned to offer bespoke data-based solutions.

eCommerce | eCRM

Selling products and services online falls under the banner of ‘eCommerce’. However, with a plethora of varying eCommerce platforms and eCRM systems, how can you tell what’s best for you?

eCRM literally means “Electronic Customer Relationship Management’ and exists at the heart of any eCommerce system worth using. Your eCommerce platform of choice together with your eCRM system of choice has the power to make or break online transaction-based businesses.

The Digital States have built every kind of eCommerce system available. From Magento, to Woo Commerce including Drupal Commerce, Big Commerce and Shopify, we have built over 100 eCRM systems. We are uniquely positioned to assess and implement the most viable eCommerce and eCRM system and solution for any online business.

The way these two systems can work together and do for many blue-chip clients and SME’s is the way they should work for every business who requires one. Just ask for a no obligation Digital Audit so you know where you stand.

Digital Ecosystems | Digital Architecture

Once upon a time, businesses just needed to have a functional website/web presence. Such a presence informed potential customers and audiences of the business and it’s offer.

But now, companies must negotiate the battlegrounds of social integration, online purchase, automation, management, administration, finance and search data. At The Digital State we look at all separate brand channels as part of a connected Digital Estate by using each to complement and inform the next. Therefore allowing brands to connect with consumers optimally on the channel of their choice. Because each channel has a unique place, with a unique business purpose..

In other words, we can help you manage your whole Digital Ecosystem. Knowing how one touchpoint informs and affects the others is an area in which architecturally, we specialise.


Digital Design | Graphic Design

Everything you see online was designed. Design now, has a far-reaching effect across the board from behavioral economics, to usability right through to eCommerce and Social Purchase decisions.

Not to mention Information Architecture, User Experience and Brand Retention. The look and feel of any digital product is the first thing your users notice and making a good impression quickly online has many similarities to real life. You do not get a second chance to make a first impression and often; your digital estate and website as part of that will be the first touchpoint a potential customer has with your business.

Then there is the graphical element of the business, icons used, the colour palettes, the logo and formatting of re-sizing for devices. It can feel like an endless list of considerations. The demand for visual consistency and dynamicity across channels and devices has pushed digital design to the forefront of online branding and businesses’ digital estates.

Content Creation | Curation

We live in the content era. Every time you watch anything on Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other socials, listen to a song on Spotify or Songkick, comment on a picture or meme or even take part in online discussions you are consuming and on occasions, creating content. When you share content you enjoy or has impacted you in some way you’re curating it.

You can have the greatest functionality in the world with the sleekest of designs but without the content it’s an empty shell with no informative, educating, inspiring or engaging messaging.

Because of our extremely successful dissemination of audience consumption data, The Digital States keep a firm finger on the content pulse. 

This is not hit and hope marketing or going with the gut. It is simply the efficient translation of crucial usage data which will reveal tangible personal and business learning. Engage your audience. Affect change.


S.E.O | Paid Media Campaigns | R.O.I Based

If you are trying to get your business noticed at the top of Google then Search Engine Optimisation, Google and Search ads or Return on Investment lead campaigns can all feel like a confusing minefield. 

The reason for this, chiefly, is the  infamous, ever-changing, closely guarded Google search algorithm (changed over 1,000+ times per year to avoid abuse). And this is on top of the huge variety of factors which affect your businesses organic, paid and earned search and relevance score.

The Digital States use only proven, sector-leading search and paid experts to guarantee the best results for the lowest budget based on KPI targets and indicators. And what’s more, we’re the only ones that will explain this process to you as tutorials so you may do it yourselves, in-house if you wish.

We fundamentally believe it is better to be messengers of knowledge than gatekeepers of it. Still, if you’d rather we get on with what we do best so you can get on with what you do best; that’s cool too!

Growth Hacking | Blogger Outreach

Are you familiar with the story of the shoe brand ‘Hush Puppy’ and their growth? Or how the regular cotton wool bud came into existence? Have you wondered  why something like Pokemon Go! can completely capture and enthral whole generations of western civilisation and disappear as fast as it appeared?

All were in their own way, growth hacked.

It’s why cute animals are used in television commercials, why sex sells and why you don’t see Bentley, Ferrari or Rolls Royce automobiles adverts on TV. It’s the reason 60-70% of total Hollywood film output is largely homogenised and structurally exactly the same. And it’s also why the same coca cola ad is shown every year at Christmas time.

Growth hacking can take an almost infinite number of forms. And we get every single one.

Social Strategy | Management | Commerce

Social media, strategy, management and social commerce have never been more essential for your business.

When you are on social media, you are likely to interact with brands on at least one social channel, perhaps without realising. You might indicate your interests, what you like, what you hate and sometimes what makes you laugh. And so do literally billions of others.

What if your business could use this data to better cater to the needs and wants of your customers and/or audience? If you could see what makes your target audience tick, what they hate or love and what makes them laugh or cry?  Or how about what they buy and how they spend their time?

If you knew all the answers to all of these questions then you would be better able to tailor your products and services to meet this knowledge.  And then apply your better understanding of audience and customer requirements for the purposes of commerce and revenue growth.

You can do this right now. So why don’t you?

Influencer Marketing | Behavioural Economics

Behavioural Economics looks at what influences human behaviour in the choices we make as individual consumers. Essentially what makes us buy the things we do. What drivers persuade us to part with our money and make a purchase.

Although The Digital States study this uniquely from an online point of view, we also see how offline decisions can affect online purchase behaviour across every channel. From your website shop, to your business page via Facebook Pixel. Crucially, we’ve over 25 years experience between us in the learning, targeting and catering for the factors which influence our buying decisions online.

Savvy brands tap into psychological, social, cognitive, emotional and cultural factors by using a combination of macro and micro data, which they will then translate to growth in sales and revenue.

P.E.O Campaigns | Paid. Earned. Owned

Central to the success of any awareness campaign is on-line activity. And in particular, search engines. How search engines index your offering or website in terms of it’s relevance to your customers search queries, whether organically or through paid media, is crucial.

Then there is also owned media which relates frequently to content (above) and the varying channels that content appears on. So, for example, Youtube, a Facebook company page, your blog and website even your Twitter feed are all owned media. When Paid, Earned and Owned media are clearly defined and informed as part of a wider digital strategy it can drive results far more efficiently than implementing an individual strategy for each.

The Digital States offer expertise in organic S.E.O (Earned), Google Ads & Display (Paid) and varying individual platforms relevant for each brand. Because of this we offer fuller, more comprehensive solutions than a typical  ‘a seo awareness campaign’ which many do without considering the wider picture.