Case Study

Smarter Home Improvements

The Digital States’ Comprehensive Digital Transformation for Smarter Home Improvements

This case study explores how The Digital States successfully undertook a complete digital transformation for Smarter Home Improvements, a renewable energy solutions company. The project involved designing and building a bespoke website, implementing digital marketing strategies, including marketing emails and social media management, and creating custom features such as an instant quote calculator. Through this collaboration, The Digital States helped Smarter Home Improvements achieve unprecedented growth and sales success in the competitive solar energy market.



Reduction in business operating costs


Increase in organic monthly leads


Rise in after sales due to bespoke ECRM system


 The Challenge

Challenge & Solution

The Job brief: Smarter Home Improvements, a forward-thinking solar panel installation company, recognised the need to enhance their digital presence and expand their customer base. They approached The Digital States, known for its innovative solutions and proven track record, to undertake a comprehensive digital transformation. The challenge was to build and revamp the company’s entire digital estate, including a bespoke website design/build, digital marketing efforts, social media management and enhancing user experience with a custom built instant quote calculator.

Client Overview: Smarter Home Improvements is a leading provider of residential and commercial solar panel installations. Their commitment to sustainability, exceptional customer service, and high-quality products had already gained them a reputable position in the market. However, they aimed to capitalise on the growing demand for renewable energy solutions by revamping their digital strategies.

Project Objectives:

  1. Design and develop a modern, user-friendly website to improve online visibility and enhance the user experience.
  2. Implement digital marketing campaigns, including marketing emails and social media management, to drive brand awareness and generate leads.
  3. Create a custom instant quote calculator to streamline the sales process and improve customer interactions.


  1. Bespoke Website Design:
    The Digital States’ design team conducted extensive research to understand Smarter Home Improvements’ target audience and industry trends. They collaborated closely with the client to create a visually captivating and intuitive website that reflected the company’s brand identity. The website featured a clean and modern layout, ensuring easy navigation and accessibility across different devices.
  2. Custom Instant Quote Calculator:
    Understanding that the solar panel installation process often involves complex calculations, The Digital States developed a unique instant quote calculator. This calculator integrated seamlessly into the website, allowing visitors to obtain accurate project estimates easily and instantly. The calculator considered various factors, such as roof size, energy consumption, and location, providing users with personalised quotes that catered to their specific metrics.
  3. Digital Marketing Strategies:
    To maximise Smarter Home Improvements’ online reach, The Digital States’ marketing team devised a comprehensive digital marketing plan. This plan included creating engaging marketing emails that targeted both potential and existing customers. By delivering personalised content and promotions, the emails helped nurture leads and foster strong customer relationships.
    In addition, The Digital States took charge of Smarter Home Improvements’ social media management. They crafted engaging and informative posts, leveraging platforms like Facebook and Instagram, to increase brand visibility and encourage audience interaction.


  1. Enhanced User Experience: The new website’s intuitive design and smooth navigation significantly improved the user experience. Visitors found it easier to explore the company’s offerings, leading to a decrease in bounce rates and an increase in user engagement.
  2. Increased Lead Generation: The implementation of marketing emails and social media campaigns yielded remarkable results. Smarter Home Improvements experienced a significant rise in lead generation, with more potential customers expressing interest in their services.
  3. Streamlined Sales Process: The custom instant quote calculator became a game-changer for the company. It accelerated the sales process, allowing potential customers to receive accurate quotes in a few clicks. The enhanced usability and functionality boosted consumer trust and led to more leads and sales.


The Digital States’ 360-degree approach to Smarter Home Improvements’ digital transformation, comprising a bespoke website, targeted digital marketing, and a custom built instant quote calculator, brought remarkable success to the solar panel installation company. By integrating cutting-edge technology with creative marketing strategies, The Digital States achieved measurable results, positioning Smarter Home Improvements as an industry leader with boosted sales figures and customer satisfaction. This stands as a testament to the power of a comprehensive and tailored digital strategy in achieving business success.

Smarter Home Improvements have partnered with The Digital States on all of our digital endeavours, from a full website build to marketing emails, social media management and more. We just recently commissioned The Digital States to build a solar quote calculator from scratch and we couldn’t be happier with the design and functionality of the finished product. 

– Sonny , Owner of Smarter Home Improvements